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Global expansion as a

software startup

Your very own business is now living and breathing. It is almost like your child. You started out as a one-man-show and right now, you have 10 to 15 people working for you. This is already a success for itself. But the truth is, the world measures success with revenue. This is what you are aiming to get with a salesforce of just one or two. Where do you go from there?

The blooming variety

Offering PWAs, software subscriptions, software services or licenses as a startup, you are bound to face difficulties of blooming variety and they keep stacking up. The most obvious one is the fierce competition.


Software development and/or distribution has giants ruling the waters. How can a David compete against a Goliath? You have to be ready to commit to your business and product and invest a lot of time and energy to solely stay afloat. It is one thing, to have a perfectly functioning product; it is another to distribute it to the right markets!


Once expanding you need to stack up your team and find the right fit for the positions. Specialists in their field and loyal to your company. Somebody fitting the company culture while knowing the market inside out to expand where you want to go. In a nutshell, you need a highly skilled candidate, coming with a high-skill financial package!


Expenditures increase exponentially. Like already said, the world measures revenue! You need to generate opportunities and book revenues to be able to hire somebody, to grow your business, to expand into new territories. Expectations need to be set on real market scenarios and your capacity needs to be able to take the bull by its horns. How do you do this with only 1 or 2 sales people on your team?

One can make a difference

You might want to consider a hybridity model for gaining advantage on your competitors and generate revenue plus traction. Working with a solid sales outsourcing partner you create these opportunities and even gain leverage and capacity!


Although each project and product is unique and needs to be tackled with an individual strategy, we will look at this possibility:


Considering you have 2 sales people on your team. The tasks these 2 people have to organize themselves are quite a few. They need to:

  • identify target accounts,

  • identify decision makers,

  • qualify and understand pains,

  • find and nurture the opportunity

  • prepare an offer

  • and overcome potential objections,

to finally be able to close a deal. Our experience shows, that the sales cycle can be a dragging and long lasting process. Now, if you add one sales development representative from a solid sales outsourcing partner to this equation, we will see the following possibility.


The sales development rep generates 20 appointments a month for your sales people to give to. This is ten appointments per sales person; this is roughly 2 appointment per person and per week. Turning this into percentage that is about 20% of your sales people’s work.


Meaning this one sales development rep generates 20% of capacity your people can use to nurture, support and close deals with clients. Let take this even one step higher, a profoundly placed sales rep can influence, shorten and accelerate 50% of your sales cycle without doing an actual sale.


Working with a solid sales outsourcing professional you not only gather sales, but you get a true sales expert, knowing the market and especially the tools to convince prospects into giving them an appointment. The SDR will deliver an appointment as a target and even excelling. A sales rep delivers you the market information you need in the format you want.

Expansion beyond borders

This additional work effort results in re-gaining capacity, increasing motivation within your sales team to expand and an opportunity to ramp up your revenue quickly and smoothly. The sales development rep adapts to your company culture, integrates and becomes a true asset to your business. The momentum you will gain, through a shortened sales cycle and a boosted pipeline, will be an x-fold higher than in big corporations and medium sized companies.


You will see short term results, find valuable information within weeks and ultimately have an on demand expert conjointly contributing to a higher sales volume with your internal sales people. Given the natural startup structure, with flat hierarchies, short reporting lines, highly efficiency driven processes and the need to generate short term revenues, you will be able to obtain first results in no time. A profound sales outsourcer can ultimately help you scale your business and pursue your goals faster and more efficient.   


Now think about the sales development rep as your outreach to new markets globally. His insight, knowledge and skills paired with legal entities of the sales outsourcing partner, are a benefit to any company and are a smart investment into a company’s bright economic future.