Welcome to my Protfolio


I am really happy you decided to visit my portfolio. This means I've sparked some curiosity, which needs to be fed with new information about me and my art.

Who am I?


My name's Sebastian Synowiec. Yeah, it's not a dead give away though. I am of Polish heritage, yes. But the thing is, I was born and raised in Austria. Therefore my mother tongue is German. My English on the other hand is near native. I do sound like a Yorkshire resident sometimes, because I lived there for quite a while. This means, I offer writing skills in German and English as well.

​​Majoring in drama at the University of Vienna, I gained in depth knowledge about combining words into a story. Then I fulfilled my dream of telling my grandfather's story on film at York St John University. With it came a Master of Arts with distinction and 8 accolades around the globe.

I have years of experience in the field of script writing for the film and game industry, service, sales and IT industry. I am a specialist in putting your particular story on paper. Nowadays it is mostly online.

So keep strolling through my portfolio and if you like - let's connect on LinkedIn.